§ About Us

About Us

The Namibia School Sport Union is charged through the Namibia Sports with the mandate to regulate Sports in Namibia.

Our Mission

The broad mission statement of NSSU is to:

Provide opportunities for all Learners to become involved in sport and physical recreation and to realise their full potential.

Serve the Namibian Learners in the field of sport.

standards of excellence and which are also accessible to all the Learners regardless of their ethnic background, gender, creed, religion, social status.

Our Valuable Team Members


Irvine Ndjavera

Deputy Director, School Sport

Solomon Duiker

National Co-Ordinator : NSSU

Priscilla Swartz (Queen)

Secretary: NSSU

Erica Beukes



To administer, promote, and encourage all sporting codes in junior educational institutions.

To develop specific sporting codes at school level and provide a sound basis for future national teams.

To develop school sport in all its facets in underdeveloped areas to create a balance between different regions. To foster good relations between learners through promotion of fair play in sport. .

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